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Let Stormy Emotions Come and Go Like Waves

It's been a tumultuous period, this past week, due to chemical exposures and food trials.  There is pain and discomfort.  Gnarly emotions trying to get my goat and succeeding from time-to-time.

Yesterday, I briefly sat at the ocean watching the waves.  This is what came to my mind.

Just like the ocean, one moment mind is stormy and the next it is calm.  True happiness and peace comes from recognizing the transitory nature of all that appears in the mind.  Don't seek for happiness or shrink from displeasure.  Just let be with whatever comes your way.  It will dissolve naturally on its own.

This is not my original thinking.  It's the heart of all the spiritual teachings I've been fortunate to receive over the years.

Sometimes we mistake spirituality for a "feel good" approach. Life will not always be easy.  There's no usefulness in indulging the negative thoughts that arise at difficult times, but it's also not beneficial to suppress them or pretend they don't exist.  When we practice seeing their transitory nature, they vanish on their own.

True wisdom is so far beyond clinging to happiness.  It is the ultimate path of letting go.

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