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Stop the World and See

The Art of Seeing Often, we don't see the world around us because we're thinking too much, daydreaming, or just zoning out.  It's like we're in another world.

Other times we're overly concentrated on the project at hand.  So we only see what's right in front of us like we're wearing blinders. We haven't learned to balance mindfulness with global awareness.

Or we're in a rush.  We're just trying to get from here to there as fast as possible and aren't in the habit of seeing what's in between.  Then there are times we're so engrossed in a conversation that the background no longer exists.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

We all know that not seeing can get us into troubleFor example, it can be the cause of accidents, minor and major.  It can create a strain in a relationship when we fail to notice a gorgeous new outfit.  But most of all, it's like living half asleep.  We miss out on so much.

Naturally, some of us see more than others.  And there are many layers to seeing.  But most of us live in a cocoon.

An Invitation to Stop the World and See

I'm probably worse than any one of you.  My tendency is to hear rather than see.

As an experiment this week, I practiced the art of seeing.  I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the richness of the present moment.  But it wasn't easy.  The habit of shutting off my sight is still too strong.  Nevertheless, I find it very worthwhile.  After all, who wants to live half asleep?

I invite you to launch an experiment in seeing too. Here are some inspirational quotes on the art of seeing to send you on your way.

From Carlos Casteneda, Journey to Ixtlan:

"I am teaching you how to see as opposed to merely looking, and stopping the world is the first step to seeing.  After stopping the world the next step is seeing.  By that I mean what could be categorized as responding to the perceptual solicitations of a world outside the description we have learned to call reality."

"When you see, there are no longer familiar features in the world.  Everything is new.  Everything has never happened before.  The world is incredible."

From Georgia O'Keefe:

“Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time – like to have a friend takes time.”

Actively being present to the world around us can bring us into a peaceful, open, and relaxed state. Instead of being embroiled in the past or caught up in worries about the future, our feet (and eyes) are rooted firmly in the now.

We don't need to entangle ourselves in the objects of our perception.  We just simply see what's around us and "leave the seeing in the seeing," as Dudjom Rinpoche has said, without grasping onto it.

Seeing is another form of mindfulness, which you can activate at any moment in your daily life.  Of course, not all of us have perfect vision.  The same approach can be applied with any of the senses if our vision is challenged.

How's your vision?  Are you making a point of seeing the world around you?

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