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Discover the Power of Writing Your Personal Fairy Tale

Fairy TalesWriting a short fairy tale of your life is a potent way to examine, understand, and change the entangled stories that may repeatedly diminish your happiness. The process can expose the truth, sometimes with a jolt,  On the other hand, it contains the power to unleash a wave of self-compassion and self-acceptance.  This is especially so when you write in the third person and experience your personal suffering almost as though it belonged to another.

Like medicine, recognizing and owning your story can soothe long-held bruises and abrasions.  At the same time, capturing your saga gives you the chance to see and reinforce your strengths and celebrate your victories.

Exploring your embedded patterns through fairy tale illustrates where you are headed.  Is that where you want to go?  Grab the opportunity to exert rightful dominion over your existence  Imagine yourself in new, empowered ways  Drive your fable to a satisfying and meaningful conclusion.

How to Write Your Personal Fairy Tale

In her book, Your Life as Story, Tristine Rainer shares the following exercise ostensibly for memoir writers, but it is equally impactful for personal growth. In writing your fairy tale, Rainer suggests referring to yourself as "he" or "she" instead of "I".   She says, “This allows you temporarily to step back and see story in your life from a distance.”

"Begin with one of the following: •    Once upon a time there was a little girl who... •    Once upon a time there was a little boy who... •    Once upon a time there was a woman who... •    Once upon a time there was a man who…

Your fairy tale need not be longer than a page, at most two.  It can be as brief as three lines, if they contain the three parts of a fairy tale: 1.    In the beginning something happened so that a person had a problem and a need. 2.    As the person pursued his or her desire a struggle ensued. 3.    And in the end the person changes with a realization."

Use one of the sentence stems and just let the words flow without thinking too much.  The key is to relax, open your mind, look deeply, and be receptive to whatever arises, while simultaneously allowing your imagination to create new responses, pathways, and conclusions.

Our Life is A Self-Made Story

Here’s my three-line story:

"Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was very sensitive and afraid.  She thought she had to hide her fear and pretend to be strong and OK.  In the end, she realized there is no-self and, thus, no need to be afraid."

As you can see, each line could easily expand out into a fuller story.  Writing this very short story and my longer fairy tale gave rise to a sudden surge of compassion for the parts of myself that are seeking to be healed.  The experience was so strong for me that I felt impelled to share the exercise with you. I hope it helps you in someway.

Our life is no other than a self-made story - one that we create anew each day.  Whatever circumstances unfold during our time on earth, the real story occurs in how we choose to perceive and respond.  In the arena of perception, we have the power to create a different personal fairy tale.

Have you ever written your personal fairy tale?  What would the themes be?  How might it help you?

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