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Is Wisdom Lost in Your Journals?

Is Wisdom Lost In Your Journals? Do you have a stack of old journals taking up space?

When I moved to France in 2006, I put two file boxes of “important” papers into storage. Although I retrieved those boxes in 2010, I haven’t looked inside them once.

A few days ago, as part of my simplicity quest, I took aim for those boxes and discovered 6 personal journals inside.  I immediately tore out the pages and put the gorgeous covers into a recycling bin.

Admittedly, a few insightful gems popped off the musty pages as I quickly browsed through.  But, for the most part, the sheets regurgitated passing emotional states and long-forgotten unimportant circumstances.

I wondered, "What’s the point of faithfully recording transitory thoughts and emotions?"

Simplify Your Journal Writing

One of my spiritual teachers has always recommended keeping a “book of insights” - just the earth shattering breakthroughs.

I’m going to follow this guidance and limit my journal writing to recording only the most essential revelations.  Then, I’ll review the journal periodically to be sure I’m actualizing the wisdom in my life instead of leaving it on dusty pages.

Save time.  Save trees.  Save space.  Actualize the wisdom.

Capture the Wisdom

If you too have a pile of old journals wasting away in a corner, take some time to capture the wisdom.  Then consider whether you feel ready to throw them away.

Here's one way to capture the wisdom and let go of the pages. At the end of every year, Sandi Amorin reviews her journals to complete the year and make space for what’s next.  Check out these 108 insights Sandi culled from her journals at the end of one year.

I now have a plump handful of paper in place of the old journals, but I won't hold onto them for too long.

Are you a journal writer?  Do you keep your journals or offer them up?  How do you actualize the wisdom they contain?

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