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Drop Into Your Heart: It's Easier Than You Think

Bleeding_heart_flower_shot In these chaotic modern times, most people live in their head rather than their heart.  Busyness, independence, accomplishment, success, and even a focus on self-improvement often take priority over people, and a direct experience of the world around us.

Also, living in your head may unconsciously be chosen because it protects you from dreaded feelings of vulnerability and fear. What if your Achilles heel was exposed or even the real you?  You might be subject to rejection or even failure.

Inhabiting your head may be a habit - a way of being you probably learned as a child from parents who also live in their head.  Unless you break the cycle, there’s a danger you will pass on this life-dampening habit to your children as well.

You might believe you can “figure it all out”.  And, once you do, you’ll have it right and live a happily ever-after life. But, is that really the case?  Isn’t life a constantly unfolding mystery with unexpected twists and turns inviting you to be present to each rich and never to be repeated moment in time?

Take a Chance and Drop Into Your Heart

Take a chance and drop into your heart. See what it’s like!  You'll probably see life in a far more vivid and nourishing way.  Being heart-based doesn’t mean being mushy, sentimental or blinded by love.  You will actually find true intelligence there.

When you drop into your heart, you can discover:

  • Openness
  • Receptivity
  • Clarity - options and solutions arise spontaneously on their own
  • Relief from the endless mental chatter in stillness
  • A grounded feeling of ease
  • Deeper empathy
  • A simplicity and spaciousness of mind
  • A sense of balance between the world of matter and the life of the spirit
  • A desire to connect with the intention of harmony and peace
  • Boundless joy, love, and a wellspring of compassion
  • A stream of nourishment for yourself and others

Shift Your Focus from Your Head to Your Heart

How do you drop into your heart?

It’s easy.  Just shift your focus from your head to the physical center of your heart.  Rest your attention on your heart area and see what you discover there.  Try to see, hear, and feel from your heart. When thoughts and emotions pull you away, just bring your energy back to your heart.

It’s a practice and it will take time.  You’ll find yourself distracted at least a hundred thousand times.  Just keep returning to the sense of presence in your heart.

Won't the scars of pain be exposed at the same time?  Yes, they probably will.  Gently lean into the pain and fear.  By simply being present they will dissolve on their own.  Have the courage to stay with it, and you will heal your deepest wounds.

It's so revitalizing to let the mind melt away and instead, be present from the heart!  Give it a try and see what you think.

Where do you roam?  In your head or your heart?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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