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Are You Ready for Death to Arrive?

Autumn Leaves Although we might prefer to ignore it, death is real and, often, it comes without warning.  It doesn’t matter your age, wealth, or health status.  You might be alive with this breath, and gone with the next. Or, you might suddenly be diagnosed with what is certain to be a protracted illness that ends in death.

Naturally, we all want to have a peaceful death, experience the least suffering possible in those final moments, and leave this earth with no regrets.  So doesn’t it makes sense to accept the inevitability of death, and prepare for it now by taking charge of your mind and affairs?

Take these four steps in the present so you will be able to meet death with greater ease.

Cultivate an Aware and Calm Mind

Anything can pop up in the mind, and it will due to our habitual ways of seeing, thinking and being in the world.  But that doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to your thoughts, emotions, and sensations.  Freedom lies in realizing these are just temporary affairs, not the innermost you.

If you take a a moment to observe your mind, you’ll find none of these thoughts or emotions stick around for any length of time. But, isn’t there an ever-present awareness always there with you?

Train your mind to let all the thoughts and emotions slide right by. Align instead with this pure awareness, the real you.  As you do, troubles will gradually melt away.  It’s not that difficulties will never arise, but you’ll see them in a whole new way.

Cherish Your Relationships

As the door to this life begins to close, all your unfinished business may suddenly feel very immediate.

Don’t die with regrets!  Forgive those tired, old grudges.  Refuse to let a day go by without expressing your love and gratitude to all those you meet.  Share your love and kindness equally with your closest friends, and everyone else you happen to encounter as you proceed throughout your day

Focus on the Real Priorities

Are you lost in the details, forgetting what’s really important in life?  What’s your true purpose, anyway?  Take some time to find out. Then pour all your energy into what really counts.

Take Care of Your Practical Affairs

If you kicked off this moment would you leave a mess for your family or friends to clean up?  Do you have:

  • A living will and other advance directives in place?
  • The usual will?
  • Your financial and business information clearly organized and accessible?
  • So many possessions it will be a pain in the neck for your family or friends to clear them out?

If you want to have a peaceful death, the time to get started is now!

Dare I ask, are you ready for death to arrive?  What do you need to clean up?

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