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9 Quick Tricks That Will Help You Transform Inertia

Mountain Stream I could write blog posts for Always Well Within all day long.  But, I sometimes suffer from inertia when it comes to longer projects.  A burst of wild creativity gets me going at the start. In fact, I feel unstoppable for a while.  But gradually, inertia sets in when it comes to carefully coloring inside the lines.

The sensation of pushing a boulder up a hill can be unnerving when you have a deadline to meet, a promise to keep, or your livelihood depends on getting the work done. Inertia happily feeds the demon of self-judgment, stirs up the ogre of worry, and gives voice to the devil of self doubt.  Whatever you do, don’t give these monsters free rein!

9 Ways to Overcome Inertia

You can beat inertia by applying the right tricks.  This is my mix of methods. One of them almost always works.  Be skillful by choosing one that fits your particular circumstances and mood.

  1. Just get started. Do anything to get the energy and inspiration moving.  Start anywhere:  in the beginning, middle or end.
  2. Remove distractions.  Knowing you are prone to inertia, don’t let distractions lure you away from your goal.
  3. Have a preset plan for your project. Then follow it no matter what.
  4. Do the fun parts to get out of your funk.  I know it sounds like cheating, but it really gets the juices flowing again.
  5. Remember your purpose and rekindle your belief in your work.
  6. Allow yourself to do a mindless task for a short but set amount of time.  Then get on with your work in progress.
  7. Taking a nap always refreshes me and makes me more enthusiastic to get back on track.
  8. Go for a walk and get some fresh air.  The luxury of space and increased oxygen to your brain can easily refresh your view.
  9. Take a day off and thoroughly enjoy your self.  We all have lulls in our motivation.  It’s OK for you to have one too.

The brain needs downtime to replenish itself.  Inertia may be a sign that you are not taking enough mental breaks during the day, which are crucial to increase productivity and boost attention.  Inertia might also indicate it's time to check in with yourself to see if this is the right project for you.

Don’t waste time feeling embarrassed when you are stuck.  Inertia gets the best of us at times.  However, if you find inertia a constant companion you might want to see your doctor to consider if something more complex may be going on.

Do you sometimes hit a wall when you're in the midst of a project?  What do you do to overcome inertia?

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