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Dare to Be Bored to Breakthrough to a Bigger Mind

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"All of man's difficulties are caused by his inability to sit, quietly, in a room by himself." - Pascal

Many people run - or even panic - at the first sign of boredom.  Boredom can also be the wall you hit when you try to learn mindfulness or mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques. Given our usual aversion to boredom, it might be surprising to know it can be one of your most important pivotal points in meditation and in life.

Boredom can be beautiful.  Here’s why.

  1. When the activity of your mind calms down, you're able to see more clearly the way your own mind works and how it gets you into so much trouble.
  2. The ability to be present in the moment, which might give rise to boredom at times, can relief stress, nourish your nervous system, and revitalize your body.
  3. Boredom can be a sign that you’re investing in your inner life, the only true source of positive change.
  4. Boredom can be a signal that you’re avoiding your deepest emotions and that’s where the pay dirt lies.
  5. It can be an indication that you're addicted to whatever is trying to pull you away.
  6. Boredom may show you you're not your transitory thoughts and emotions, but a more enduring awareness that's with you all the time.
  7. You might be mistaking boredom for the spacious and peaceful quality of your mind, which will ultimately bring you fantastic relief and true freedom.

So what keeps us from dipping our toes into the possibility of a more free and open state of mind?

Are You Terrorized by Boredom?

Most of us feel terrorized by boredom because modern culture encourages - almost demands - constant stimulation.  You must stay busy all the time!  Conditioned to respond to every beep of the Smart phone, addicted to endless social media excursions, and/or pinned to the tried and true TV, what a jumble of reactivity we've become.

No wonder the first sign of boredom scares the socks off of you!

But what are we sacrificing to this cruel ruler?  Our health, our self-esteem, our happiness and sense of peace.  And, the more we reinforce the habit of busyness, the stronger it becomes.

Dare to Be Bored

Please don’t run at the first sign of boredom.  Try this instead.  Just be at peace with it.  After all, if you never allow space to occur in your life, how will you ever get to know your own mind and what brings you genuine happiness?

Boredom is just another transitory thought or emotion that occurs in the mind.  You don’t have to jump up or get busy just because it appears.  It will pass like a cloud in the sky unless you feed it with new thoughts about how terrible it is.  Or, you could pause and ask what’s it telling you about your mind, your emotions, and your life?

Cultivate your capacity to enjoy being.  Dare to be bored - at least some of the time!

And if you need help learning to be still, please read:  21 Meditation Tips You Need to Know As a Beginner.

What happens when you feel bored?  Do you get busy or allow for space in your life?

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