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33 Mantras to Quickly Calm Your Stress Response

33 Mantras to Quickly Calm Your Stress Response

What do you say to yourself when you feel stressed? Do you tell yourself, “This is too much?” Do you say, “I can’t handle this?”

Instead I want you to talk to yourself in wonderful and soothing ways.  As soon as you start to feel stressed, speak to yourself with clear, gentle, and encouraging words. It will make a difference!

You see, when the stress response turn on, a cascade of biochemicals courses through your body.  What happens when your body and brain go into this alarm state?  Imagine:  tight muscles, increased heart rate, impaired digestion, depressed immune system and so much more.

That's okay occasionally, but constantly living in a state of emergency will take a toll on your health and happiness.

Fortunately, you can turn the stress response around. 

One way to do so is to talk to yourself in a soothing way.  Your kind words will let your brain know the "danger" has passed, and thus will allow the relaxation response to kick in.

33 Mantras to Bring You Back to Calm

Here are 33 "mantras" - repetitive phrases - that will help you intercede in the stress cycle and bring yourself back to calm.  Some are original. Some are classics.

How do you speak to yourself when you feel stressed?  Do your words increase the stress + anxiety or do they act like stress relievers, bringing you back to calm?  One of the best ways of dealing with stress is to consciously choose soothing, calming, + encouraging responses.  Try out some of these 33 stress reduction “mantras” (with FREE PRINTABLE) and get into the habit of interrupting the stress cycle so you can quickly get back to calm. #stress #stressrelief #stressmanagement #selfawareness
  1. I deserve to live with ease.

  2. I always feel better when I pause in response to stress.

  3. I say "no" to stress and "yes" to ease.

  4. I've done more than enough today.

  5. I've done well. I don't have to be perfect.

  6. My freedom lies in my ability to gracefully say "no." - Click to Tweet

  7. Peace is within my reach.

  8. Stress is not my friend.

  9. Breathe and breath again.

  10. Smiling brings me joy.

  11. Laughter lightens my load.

  12. Even though I feel stressed, I completely love and accept myself.

  13. Time for a __________ (fill in the blank: bath, walk, swim, cuddle with pet, breathtaking sunset, etc.).

  14. I'm in charge of my stress response.

  15. I feel grateful for __________ (fill in the blank).

  16. In every moment, peace is a choice.

  17. I choose __________ (fill in the blank: peace, joy, love, calm, acceptance, etc.).

  18. It's okay to leave now.

  19. Let it be.

  20. Stop and smell the roses.

  21. I thrive on a love.

  22. Be here now.

  23. Take a step back.

  24. Relax, release, ease. - Click to Tweet

  25. Slow down, you move too fast!

  26. Don't worry, be happy.

  27. Take it easy.

  28. I forgive myself.

  29. It's not the end of the world.

  30. All is well.

  31. I surrender and let go.

  32. I release all expectations that are leading to feelings of stress.

  33. I will stay calm and carry on.

Choose 3-5 phrases from the list above, ones that resonate for you. Or create your own.  Write them on index cards and carry them with you as a reminder, place them in prominent places where you'll see them frequently, or put them in the "reminders" on your SMART phone or tablet.

4 Steps to Less Stress

It's easy to make stress worse with the words you use.  Instead of telling yourself how stressful everything is or painting a doomsday scenario, try these 4 steps and see if they make a difference for you.

  1. Notice when stress begins to build.

  2. Pay attention to what you tell yourself when you feel stressed.

  3. Delete negative messages and insert one or more of the positive messages above.

  4. Repeat the positive message until you feel calmer.

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These phrases may not be your total solution to stress, but they can be an integral part of your overall stress strategy. 

Of course, it may not be easy at first.  You probably have been giving yourself negative messages for eons.  But it will get easier with practice.

And won't it feel marvelous to be the master of stress rather than its servant?

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