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9 Ways to Find Serenity In A World That Never Stops

9 Ways to Find Serenity In A World That Never Stops

When I read about the unrelenting work demands at a company like Amazon, I'm convinced the world has gone utterly insane.

You can work as hard as you want, but eventually you'll discover that a healthy balance between activity and quiet is essential for a happy and sustainable life.  Too much busyness will eventually lead to a breakdown of one sort or another, as illustrated by the experience of some white collar workers interviewed in this New York Times exposé of the brutal and bruising work environment at Amazon.

Accidents, injuries, and minor illnesses like the common cold often seem to arise when your life tips out of balance.  You might brush these warning signs aside, but the body and the heart refuse to be ignored indefinitely.  Eventually, stronger and deeper indicators will arrest you once again.

Life Is Meant to Be Lived in Cycles

Nature shows us that life is meant to be lived in cycles.  When we look around, we see there’s:

  • Day and night
  • Spring, summer, fall, and winter
  • Babyhood, youth, young adulthood, mid-life, old age

Each of these natural cycles lends itself especially to either activity or rest. Think of hibernation in the winter and flowers bursting forth in the spring.

Although modern life gives us the capacity to dismiss these cycles thanks to electric lights and temperature control, more and more we see the folly of doing so.

I know it may not seem easy to embrace periods of relaxation in a world dominated by 24-hour opportunity and ruthless demands.  Your body and brain may be primed to high activity or you may fear reproach, especially in work places like Amazon where a less than human corporate culture prevails.

But you must take a risk if wish to restore balance and sanity in your own life, and take a stand for kindness, peace, and joy in this world.

9 Simple Ways to Find More Serenity

Here are some simple ways you can take the breather you so deserve.  They’re not necessarily new or groundbreaking, but if you’re not prioritizing life balance, these reminders may be just what you need.

Are you longing for more peace + serenity? Here are 9 simple ways to relieve stress + bring more calm back into your life. #innerpeace #serenity #stressrelief #reducestress #stresstips
Are you longing for more peace + serenity? Here are 9 simple ways to relieve stress + bring more calm back into your life. #innerpeace #serenity #stressrelief #reducestress #stresstips

1. Media Fast

How much does reading, listening to, or watching the news really benefit your life?  Devouring the news can become an automatic habit that’s never questioned.

Unless the news is essential to your work, try a media fast and see how it feels.  You could start out with one day a week and slowly build up. Or you could dive in and take a week off.  Most importantly, avoid the news in the evening and especially before bedtime.  You’ll probably sleep more soundly.

Personally, I don’t think it best to avoid the news forever.  Social awareness and responsibility are integral to living a compassionate life.  But an occasional media fast can dial down too much angst.

2. Email Cleanse

These days almost everyone online baits you with free offers from weekly newsletters to e-books to mini-training programs that will magically transform your life.  This abundance of information can clog your email inbox making it difficult to see or find what’s really important.  But even worse, it can clog up your mind with the unnecessary and the trivial.

Take an hour to skim your inbox and unsubscribe from any information streams that no long add to your education, enjoyment, or personal growth.  Alternatively, you could unsubscribe one at a time, whenever a new edition hits your box.

3. Sunrise, Sunset, Starscapes

How long has it been since you enjoyed an expansive moment of peace and wonder as the sun brought forth or closed a new day?

Lately, I’ve enjoyed marveling at the night sky.  Don’t miss out on these deeply nourishing natural foods for your soul.

4. Smile

Often, we’re so caught up in our own thoughts that we barely notice the people around us.  Instead, get out of your head and share a heart-felt smile at the check-out clerk in the grocery story, the stranger standing next to you on the train, or the person bustling by you on the sidewalk.

Smiling at others always makes me feel happier.  I bet it will make you feel happier too.

Here’s why:  Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers that also counteract stress, and serotonin, a substance that makes you feel good. Smiling may also increase immune function, extend your longevity, reduce your blood pressure, and increase focus and productivity.

5. Breathe

Breathing from your diaphragm (belly) helps you to quickly relax .  Place your hand on your belly and slowly breathe in while you feel your abdomen expand.  Then slowly exhale.  Repeat several times.

The breath is a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to relieve stress. People caught in the cycle of stress often take shallow breaths.  Gently deepening your breath alters your biochemistry for the positive, bringing you more peace. Since it’s always with you, the breath can be your most reliable ally for creating a more relaxed life.

6. Slow Down

What kind of message are you sending to your body and your brain, when you always rush about like there’s an emergency at hand?

Instead, slow down.

Walk mindfully.  Savor your food.  Give your full attention to the person who’s speaking to you instead of fiddling with your phone or computer.  Pause between tasks and take in your last accomplishment, as small as it may seem.  Allocate twice as much time as you usually do for a particular task.

You don’t have to operate in slow motion like you’re walking through glue.  Just slow down your pace a bit and see if it brings more serenity into your life.

7. Subtract

Are you doing too much?  Naturally, you’ll feel off-kilter if you are.

Why do we do too much? Often, the tendency stems from deep-seated childhood patterns. It could be due to insecurity, the need for affirmation, or a desire to please or impress. Our entire identity may rest on how much we accomplish.

Don't get caught in this trap.  Instead, remember you are worthy. You don’t have to prove yourself by doing too much.

Make a list of 3 activities, commitments, or engagements that you would like to let go of.  Take one out this week.   Once you succeed, take a break, and then move on and take out the next.

Read more:Embrace Simplicity and Ease Through the Art of Subtraction

8.  Morning Peace

Research shows an early morning increase in stress can continue all the way into the afternoon.

One way you can begin the day from a place of calm is to let your digital devices wait.

Don’t reach for your phone the minute your open your eyes, turn on the news first thing, or jump onto Facebook.   Any one of these activities can spike your stress level if you happen to witness distressing stories or receive a disturbing message or call for action.

Give your body and brain a chance to wake up first.  Then enjoy some peace and quiet before exposing yourself to the affairs of the day.  If you can wait an hour or two before engaging in the digital realm, so much the better.

9.  Doses of Humor

I’m a big advocate of mindfulness, but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time.  Norman Cousins claims to have cured himself of a painful illness through watching funny movies and television programs.

I made the joyous discovery that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain-free sleep. - Norman Cousins

Why wait till you’re sick?  Give yourself a regular dose of humor as a means of preventative medicine starting now.

I recommend the French movie “Paulette” for full force comic relief.  It has English subtitles.  My all time side-splitting favorite is "Ms. Congeniality" with Sandra Bullock.

And if you would prefer a dose of happiness try 33 Happy Movies to Light Up Your Heart.

Take Your Life Back!

Don’t be duped by the so called rewards of an exhausting Amazon-style work life.  Chances are you’ll just end up burned out, disillusioned, and maybe even sick.

Take back your life!  Decide on a pace of life that’s right for you, the perfect blend of stimulating activity and relaxing recreation.  You deserve to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Thank you for your presence, I know your time is precious!  Don’t forget to sign up for my e-letter and get access to all the free self-development resources (e-books, mini-guides + worksheets) in the Always Well Within Library. May you be happy, well, and safe – always.  With love, Sandra


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