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33 Powerful Morning Mantras That Will Transform Your Day

33 Powerful Morning Mantras That Will Transform Your Day

Every morning, I choose a word or phrase, a "mantra," to guide my day.  My daily mantra keeps me tuned into my most important emotional, mental, and spiritual priorities for the next 24 hours.

It also sets the tone for the day.  If life feels frazzled, my mantra reminds me to breathe, relax, or rest.  If I'm feeling unsure, it encourages me to embrace my authority.  If I'm distracted, it nudges me to return to the present moment.

I need more than a single word or phrase of the year because I constantly change as does the world around me.  The perfect personal message on a peaceful day will not necessarily suit me on a chaotic day.

Sometimes the right mantra comes to me immediately when I set my pen to paper. Other times, I'm inspired by my daily 3-card tarot reading.

I record my morning mantra in my bullet journal, on my daily page, using tall lettering and encircling it with the outline of a cloud so it stands out.  Check out a photo of my daily page in this article.

33 Morning Mantras to Uplift Your Day

These are the exact mantras I've used over the last 30 plus days.  Each one reflected a particular need I felt in my heart and soul on that day.  You can try them out or use them as a guide to make your own because words that resonate with your own needs, wishes, or dreams will serve you most powerfully.

  1. This moment.
  2. Single focus.
  3. Reconnect to rest.
  4. Quiet mornings.
  5. Be here now.
  6. Firm boundaries.
  7. Let go.
  8. Relax and breathe.
  9. Embrace your authority.
  10. Open your heart.
  11. Connect with spirit.
  12. Pause and appreciate.
  13. Fluctuate.
  14. Soften.
  15. Find your center.
  16. Remember impermanence.
  17. Be peace.
  18. Tender-hearted.
  19. Surrender to your spiritual self.
  20. Follow your passion.
  21. Know your own worth.
  22. Listen to your heart.
  23. Trust yourself.
  24. Rest.
  25. Contentment.
  26. Honor your boundaries.
  27. Share your wisdom.
  28. Be a pillar of strength and clarity for others.
  29. Being.
  30. Speak the language of love.
  31. Let go of judgments.
  32. Let your intuition flow.
  33. Beginner's mind.

I hope my morning mantras will spark you to come up with your own list of empowering words and phrases that you can return to and use each and every day.

Which "mantra" fits for you today?  I would love to hear.  Please share in the comments.

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