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28 Journal Prompts That Will Change the Way You See Yourself

28 Journal Prompts That Will Change the Way You See Yourself

I thought it would be fun to try something different in February:  a personal discovery challenge.  I’ve gathered together 28 prompts to help you (and me) explore, learn, and grow.  I'm calling it Personal Discovery February 2018 or in hashtag land: #personaldiscoveryfebruary2018.

I’ve designed this as a journaling challenge, but you could also use the prompts to inspire your photography or artwork.  The idea is to journal each day in response to the prompt.  You could write one word, a few paragraphs, a page, or even pages.  Whatever suits you.  And if you prefer, you can take a photo or create artwork in response to the day’s prompt.  You can interpret the prompts however you wish.

Do as much or as little as you like.  Start in the beginning, middle, or near the end.  There’s no pressure or expectations.

If you have time though, I hope you'll share your insights with us because your story is important.  Sharing your story can help you heal.  And, sharing your story can help others heal as well.

Here are the prompts followed by how we can share with each another as a community.


On Facebook

Join the Self-Discovery February 2018 Facebook Group and share your writing or photography there.  I’ll post a new prompt in the group each day.  And I’ll be there every day to support you and learn from you too.

You could also share your writing, photograph, or artwork on your Facebook profile or page using the #selfdiscoveryfebruary2018 hashtag

On Instagram

Share your photos and words on Instagram using the #selfdiscoveryfebruary2018 hashtag.  I’ll post the 28 challenge prompts at the beginning of the month.  You can follow me there if you’d like: @sandrapawula

On Your Blog

Share your writing or photographs on your blog.  Once you do, feel free to leave a link to your specific post in the comments below.

Explore, Learn and Grow

I attempted to create a mix of prompts that would encourage your to acknowledge the good in yourself and your life as well as the challenging or shadowy aspects.  I think we need both to grow.

The challenge isn’t intended to rip you apart.  But if you get to a tough place, remember to be gentle with yourself.  You don’t have to push through or make yourself miserable.  Take a break.  Do something fun.  Call a friend for support.  Or share in our Facebook Group.

My hope is that you’ll have some “aha” moments during this challenge that will lead to some sweet shifts in your life.

If you have any questions about the challenge, leave them in the comments below.  I would also love to hear any thoughts you have about the challenge.

This is the first time I've hosted a community gathering like this.  I'm thrilled at the thought of connecting with you in our Facebook group or on Instagram. I hope to see you there!

We start on Thursday, February 1st.  But you can join our Facebook Group now and introduce yourself.

Thank you for your presence, I know your time is precious!  Don’t forget to  sign up for Wild Arisings, my twice monthly letters from the heart filled with insights, inspiration, and ideas to help you connect with and live from your truest self. May you be happy, well, and safe – always.  With love, Sandra

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