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16 Positive Messages That Will Help You In Hard Times

16 Positive Messages That Will Help You In Hard Times

Most of you know I’ve faced major challenges in the last year, including losing my home and the surrounding 5 acres during the lava eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii.

One day, when I felt especially down, I spontaneously wrote out a series of phrases to encourage myself. They’ve become my mainstay when life feels impossible. I read them to myself whenever I feel challenged, discouraged, or hopeless. Sometimes, I’ve needed to do this daily for periods of time.

It helps me. Re-reading these phrases reminds me that things aren’t as dismal as they may feel. They help me tap into my strength and confidence.

I wrote the phrases exactly as they came into my mind. A friend suggested I use the “I am” format, which can feel more empowering. So I’ve listed both options for you.

See which form feels right for you. If you don’t feel okay, it might not feel true to say, “I’m okay.” But it may feel encouraging to tell yourself that you will be okay.

16 Encouraging Messages

I wrote these messages in my planner, one place I look each day. If you decide to use them, be sure to put them in a place where you’ll see them often.

These 16 positive phrases will encourage you when you feel challenged, discouraged, or hopeless.  It pays to be mindful of your self-talk because negative self-talk will make you spiral further down. But positive self-talk will lift you up. You can use these phrases like affirmations and re-read them daily. They will help you tap into your strength and confidence. Check them out! #PositiveSelfTalk #NegativeSelfTalk #affirmations #affirmationsforwomen
  • I will be okay. Or, I am okay.

  • I can figure it out. Or, I am figuring it out.

  • I can take care of myself. Or, I am taking care of myself.

  • I’ll make it through this. Or, I am making it through this.

  • This won’t last forever.

  • I will move on. Or, I am moving on.

  • I will heal. Or, I am healing.

  • I’ll feel better in time.

  • Everything is in divine order.

  • Whatever happens is for a higher purpose.

  • I have a choice.

  • I am strong.

  • I am resilient.

  • I’m a survivor.

  • I’m not the only one this has happened too.

  • I will have a good life even if it’s not the life I anticipated.

Feel free to use these phrases to encourage yourself. But also considering making a list of your own positive messages, the ones that speak the mostly directly to you — who you are, what you need, and your particular circumstances.

One thing I know for sure, negative self-talk will only take you further down. If you catch yourself at the start of a negative cycle, these positive phrases will save you from plunging deeper into self-contempt, unhappiness, and pain. And if you’re already in a bad space, they can help you get out of it.

Life is painful sometimes. There’s no way around that. But let’s not make it worse by amplifying and adding to the negative thoughts that happen to arise in our mind.

Because really, you will be okay.

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