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Mid-Year Break and Reflection

Mid-Year Break and Reflection

I’m taking a month-long break from writing for and publishing on Always Well Within during the month of July.

If you’re new, welcome!  Please read a few of the articles I’ve written this year, listed below, and see if they resonate. If they do, you’ll find many more in the archives.  

If you’ve been around for a while, maybe you’d like to reread an article or two.

I won’t disappear entirely.  I’ll send my twice monthly e-letter, Wild Arisings.  I’ll be present on Facebook and Pinterest.  But I’ll mostly be working behind the scenes to update the blog and finish implementing a new approach on Pinterest. And I might explore another writing project.

Since we’re mid-way through the year, I’ll review my 2019 goals too, using questions like these 19 Questions to Help You Capture Your Year-End Life Lessons. They work equally well mid-year! Maybe you’d like to review your goals mid-year too?

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, I’d like to spend some time sitting in one of those lounge chairs pictured above, resting my gaze on the ocean or even just enjoying my utterly wild back “yard.”

Thank you for reading.  Your presence makes my life meaningful.  See you again in August.

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What’s the Most Important Question to Ask Each Day?

What’s the Most Important Question to Ask Each Day?