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Independence Is an Illusion

Rhododentrol - Indepdence postIndependence is an illusion. Every moment of your life depends upon the kindness of others and a healthy, abundant environment. Your birth depended upon your parents.

The food you eat depends upon the earthworms that create compost; a flow of raindrops and the warm sun in the sky; the bees that pollinate plants; the farmer that tilled and toiled; the driver that delivered the produce to market; the seller who offered the goods; There's the shopper, the cook, and the dishwasher too.

There's all the beings that gave their lives to bring you a meal. The insects and pests killed with synthetic or organic pesticides. The third-world workers drinking in toxic fumes to bring you special, exotic foods. And that's not even touching upon the actual beings you decide to eat.

The net of interdependence just goes on and on.

Were you to live alone on an island, you would still need water and food to survive. And, due to the winds, you still would not be immune to Fukushima radiation, the great folly of men.

You can't escape interdependence.  It's foolish to think you are on your own.

There's not a single thing that blossoms on its own.

So please, never think for a moment that you are independent or separate. Instead, see interdependence. Love one, love all.

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