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The Best of Always Well Within 2011

I find it mind-boggling to know there have been more than a million hits on Always Well Within since its inception less than two years ago. I realize that some people have whirled by, barely stopping for a few seconds.

Still, I find it amazing that the energy - as expressed in the words, colors, shapes, and ideas on this blog - has interacted with hundreds of thousands of people.

It illustrates the power of the blogosphere as well as our potential for realizing our interconnectedness.


Whenever he would travel by air, the great spiritual master Dudjom Rinpoche would make an aspiration that anyone he flew over would be blessed.  There is no comparison between such an extraordinary spiritual being and me.

But, knowing the power of aspiration, in the same manner, I would like to make this aspiration:

May anyone who comes into contact with Always Well Within - even for a millisecond - realize true happiness and freedom.

My heartfelt thanks to all you, dear readers.  May all your aspirations come to fruition in the coming year!  If there is anything special I can write for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

I have been gifted with so much love, appreciation, support, and guidance from others this year  I couldn't possibly list all the names of these generous, kindhearted souls.  So let me just say that I love and appreciate you all.  May our connections remain strong, supportive, and enriching.


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A Few Personal Favorites

May you be well, happy, and safe in the new year!  With love, Sandra

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