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A Simple Morning Exercise for a Better Day

What’s your first thought when you open your eyes in the morning? Are you immediately caught by the mood, thought, or emotion that dominated your mind when you fell asleep?

Or spontaneously drawn ahead, into the plans and activities of the day?

Our first thoughts and actions contain the power to influence the next 24 hours.  Here's an alternative to being enslaved by whatever arises in your mind as you awaken.

In a recent public talk, the Dalai Lama shared what he does when he wakes up each morning, at 3:00 am no less!  He says, first thing, he reflects on infinite altruism and interdependence.

Simple Morning Exercise to Transform Your Day

When speaking to students in Limerick, Ireland the Dalai Lama offered this essential advice - a simple daily exercise - to start off the day with a positive attitude.

  1. Reflect on and cultivate compassion.
  2. Look at the world from the view that everything is interdependent and interconnected.

He recommends reflecting on these ideas every morning.  Spend a few moments actually thinking about them, investigating their common sense, and bringing them to life.

For example, consider the fact that there are 6 billion people living on the planet and they all have the seed of compassion within them.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all gave birth to compassion?

By consistently reflecting on these ideas, you will gradually come to have a conviction about the importance of positive inner values like kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.  You will be able to see that these qualities are the basis for helping others, and they also uplift you too.  This will naturally lead to more peace of mind, a crucial quality in these chaotic times.


Determination is another key element in the Dalai Lama's morning exercise.  After cultivating a mind filled with altruism and considering interdependence, the Dalai Lama then arouses a strong sense of determination:

“For the rest of the day, I will dedicate my body, speech, and mind to the welfare of others.”

By embracing these simple reflections every morning, he observes there’s a beneficial effect all day long and even in his dreams.

Our thoughts have power!  You can deploy this capacity for goodness and expanding your own sense of inner peace by shaping your intention and motivation each and every morning, as soon as you wake up.

What's your mind like in the morning?  Do you have a positive morning ritual?

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