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How to Plant Your Feet Firmly on the Ground

Do you feel plagued by excessive thinking?  Or, spaced out and in the clouds? Are you often agitated or easily knocked off balance?  Do you frequently succumb to impulses or have trouble with consistency and staying true to your purpose and priorities?

You’ve probably noticed - and even envied - the sense of presence and confidence that exudes from people who are rooted within themselves.   People who have their feet firmly planted on the ground.

You can develop this same sense of poise and self-assurance. 

In fact, the capacity to feel centered already exists within you.  The trick is to consistently use your awareness to remember and cultivate it.

An Essential Formula to Activate A Confident Presence

As an active thinker and trauma survivor, it's sometimes a struggle to keep my own feet firmly planted on the ground.  I've discovered these three elements are key for coming back down to earth:

  • Inhabit the body.
  • Remain anchored in the present moment.
  • Feel connected to the earth beneath your feet.

Here are some simple methods to help you actualize these elements in your life.

12 Ways to Re-Inhabit Your Body and Reconnect with Your Ground

First, a small warning.

Naturally, your habit of thinking, daydreaming, agitation, or losing your self will attempt to intrude when you try to establish this new way of being. That’s par for the course.

Whenever your mind starts to take over or begins to float away, just gently bring it back to your focus:  your body, the present moment, or the earth.  Just gently bring yourself back.  There’s no need for reprimands.  In fact, they are usually counter-productive.

  1. Walk barefoot and feel the ground.
  2. Walk mindfully.  Place your attention on your steps; on the feeling and sensation of walking.  When your mind wanders, bring it back to the act of walking.
  3. Sit on the ground.  Feeling the stability and substantiality of the earth.  Breathe it in.  Let this feeling permeate and pervade your whole body and being.
  4. Practice any form of breath awareness like belly breathing or counting your breaths.
  5. Engage in a relaxation exercise like a body scan meditation or progressive muscle relaxation.
  6. Receive bodywork and tune into the touch, the pressure, the changes occurring in your body as your muscles release and relax.
  7. Share moments of touch with another person or a pet.
  8. Try movement practices like Tai Chi, Qigong, or Yoga or movement therapies like The Feldenkrais Method of Somantic Education or the Alexander Technique.
  9. Dance.
  10. Exercise.
  11. Practice a body-based meditation like the Four Foundations of Mindfulness or practices of meditative concentration.
  12. Imagine a cord of golden energy traveling from your lower body deep into the center of the earth.

Start with just one activity that would be easy and enjoyable to integrate into your life.  Regular practice is essential to change.  So set an achievable goal to practice a set amount of time and a certain number of days each week.  Make it fun and a special gift to yourself.

If you would like to feel more stable, confident, and sure, give some of these exercises a try.  In time, you'll exude a new sense of presence and others will be taking note of you.

Do you find it challenging to stay rooted in yourself?  What helps you?

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