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Sensitive? 9 Affirmations That Will Help You Feel Your Best

Sensitive? 9 Affirmations That Will Help You Feel Your Best

If you’re a highly sensitive person or an empath, you may find it hard to cope with your sensitive nature, especially when the world around you denies, dismisses, or denigrates your qualities.  If you’re not careful, you could easily internalize the criticism, judge yourself, and feel as though you don’t belong

The recent lava eruptions on the Big Island forced me to face my limitations once again.  After being uprooted from my safe, cozy home, I couldn’t just go anywhere or do anything because of my sensitivities, which have been compounded by trauma.  As a result, I could sense feelings of self-hatred — and I don’t use that word lightly — arise in me. 

I felt shocked at first. But I didn’t judge myself for having these negative feelings.  Instead, I took them as a sign that deeper work needs to be done to heal my original wounds.  

The powerful affirmations I share below, from The Empath’s Survival Guide, Life Strategies for Sensitive People by Judith Orloff {affiliate link}, seemed a perfect way to soothe those mean-girl voices, and remember all the positive qualities that go along with being a highly sensitive person or empath.

And you don’t have to be sensitive to benefit from most of these affirmations.  Only a few mention sensitivity.  The others zero in on self-esteem, healthy boundaries, and following your inner wisdom, big challenges for many of us whether you're highly sensitive or not.

Not Sure You’re Highly Sensitive?

Before we move into the affirmations, let’s look at what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person and/or an Empath.

Highly Sensitive People (HSP) comprise 15-20% of the population.  High sensitivity, formally known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) is a normal, innate trait that makes you more aware of the subtleties around you, and thus more easily overwhelmed.

The DOES model, as explained by Dr Elaine Aaron, the foremost researcher on Sensory Processing Sensitivity, provides a simple summary of all the aspects of high sensitivity:

  • D = Depth of Processing: The tendency to process information more deeply.

  • O = Overstimulation: Because you notice much more, you’re more likely to become overwhelmed.

  • E = Emotional Reactivity: You feel more, meaning you react more to both negative and positive experiences.

  • S = Sensing the Subtle: You perceive more of the subtleties around you.

 Want to know more?  Read more about the DOES Model here.

Take the High Sensitivity Self-Test to see whether you might be a highly sensitive person yourself. 

Highly Sensitive Person or Empath? 

Judith Orloff describes the commonalities and differences between Highly Sensitive People and Empaths like this:

“Empaths share some or all of the traits of what psychologist Elaine Aron calls Highly Sensitive People or HSP’s.  These traits include a low threshold for stimulation, the need for alone time, sensitivity to light, sound, and smell, plus an aversion to large groups.  In addition, it takes highly sensitive people longer to wind down after a busy day because their system’s ability to transition from high stimulation to quiet and calm is slower.  Empaths also share a highly sensitive person’s love of nature and quiet environments.

“Empaths however, take the experience of the highly sensitive person further.  We can sense subtle energy, which is called shakti or prana in Eastern healing traditions and we absorb this energy into our own bodies.  Highly sensitive people typically don’t do that.  This capacity allows us to experience the energies around us in extremely deep ways.  Since everything is made of subtle energy, including emotions and physical sensation, we energetically internalize the feelings, pain, and various physical sensations of others.  We often have trouble distinguishing someone else’s discomfort from our own.”

She says empaths, “… actually sense other people’s emotions, energy, and physical symptoms in our bodies, without the usual filters that most people have.”

You can be an empath and a highly sensitive person at the same time, but most highly sensitive people aren’t empaths.

9 Powerful Affirmations for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths

Although Orloff created the following affirmation clusters specifically for empaths, I find them extremely helpful as a Highly Sensitive Person.  

If you feel ready to validate yourself as a sensitive person or empath, try them out.  You can read one or more to yourself every morning, tape your favorites to the fridge or a mirror, or put them on your computer desktop where you will see them frequently.

If you’re a highly sensitive person or empath, it might be hard to cope with your sensitivity, especially when the world around you denies, dismisses, or denigrates your qualities. You might internalize the criticism, judge yourself, and feel like you don’t belong.  These powerful affirmations will help you soothe the mean-girl voices, and remember the positives of being a highly sensitive person or empath. Take a look! #HSP #HighlySensitivePerson #HighlySensitivePeople #Empath #AlwaysWellWithin
  1. I vow to honor my sensitivities and treat myself lovingly as I explore what it means to be an empath and embrace my gifts. I will appreciate myself everyday.

  2. I am strong. I am loving. I am positive. I have the power to clear all negativity and stress from my body. I embrace my physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

  3. I will listen to the wisdom of my body. I will eat a healthy diet. I will practice self-care to heal my addictions and stay physically, emotionally, and spiritually balanced.

  4. I deserve to be in a loving relationship where I feel comfortable. I deserve to express my true needs. I deserve to have my sensitivities respected. I deserve to be heard.

  5. I will protect my energy around draining people. I will learn how to set healthy boundaries. I will learn to say “no” at the right times. I will listen to my intuition about the relationships that are nurturing for me.

  6. I will embrace my sensitivities and take time to rest and recharge. I will express my needs with supportive people. I will not hide my gifts. I will be authentic. I will stand in my power. I am proud to be a sensitive and loving person.

  7. I set my intention to attract rewarding work that energizes me. I will practice self-care in my profession to protect my sensitivities. I vow to play and to rest when I’m off work to recharge myself.

  8. I will honor my intuition. I will listen to my dreams. I will not second guess my inner voice. I will seek to find balance with my intuition and other aspects of my life so that I can express my full spectrum of sensitivities and be whole.

  9. I will treasure myself and vow to have people in my life who treasure me as well. I will use my sensitivities to better my own life and the world. I will celebrate the adventure of being an empath.

If you suspect or know you’re a highly sensitive person or empath, in addition to using these affirmations, I strongly suggest educating yourself. 

By reading about high sensitivity or what it means to be an empath, you’ll learn you’re not alone and you’re not abnormal. You’ll acquire the ability to take care of yourself and stand up for yourself.  You’ll discover tools that will help you soothe your nervous system so you can meet each day with greater confidence and ease. 

Gradually, you’ll come to accept yourself more and more and appreciate the unique qualities that go along with being a highly sensitive person or empath.  Personally, despite my recent blip, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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